Lube-V G4100 Fully Synthetic Industrial Heavy Duty EP Gear Oil, ISO VG 100, AGMA 3


Much better performance (extended oil life, improved cleanliness, very wide operation temperature) than Shell Omala S2 G 100, ExxonMobil Mobilgear 627, and other non-synthetic EP gear oils.


Lube-V Fully Synthetic Industrial Heavy Duty Gear Oil is suitable for lubricating all kinds of spur, helical, herringtone, rack and pinion, straight and spiral bevel gears. It is particular suited to heavy duty gear and bearings in various applications (for example,powermatic planer) for extreme service conditions such as high loading, shock loads, and high resistance to micropitting and scuffing.


Individual funnel size: 3.3 inch (diameter), 3.3 inch (height)

Synthetic Heavy Duty Gear Oil ISO 100, Better-to Shell Omala 100, Mobilgear 627

SKU: G4100