Lube-V S6022 Premium Spindle Oil Medium, ISO VG 22


Same or even Better Performance than Mobil Velocite No. 10 Spindle Oil, but with much cheaper price and more size varieties.


Suitable for lubrication of high-speed spindle bearings in precision grinders, lathes, jig borers and tracer mechanisms, which requires Mobil Velocite No. 10 or other ISO VG 22 Spindle Oil. 


Individual funnel size: 3.3 inch (diameter), 3.3 inch (height).


For 1-Gallon Tin Pail, it is normal if you find the outside pail is a little discoloration or a little bump. Little discoloration is pretty common due to the storage. Little bump may happen during the shipping, since the tin pail is designed this way to absorb energy.  

Lube-V Spindle Oil Medium, Compare Mobil Velocite 10, for Bridgeport Mill, etc.

SKU: S6022