Lube-V H6032 Synthetic Blend Suspension Fluid 10W


Compare to RockShox Suspension Fluid 10wt


Lube-V H6032 Synthetic Blend Suspension Fluid 10W includes advanced shock absorbing ingredients that are commonly used in aircraft landing gear and shock fluid. It is specially designed to provide ultimate damping performance in all on and off road suspensions. For maximum shock dampening performance, Lube-V proprietary formula has a very high viscosity index (VI), even higher than most synthetic fluids.


Suitable for use in suspension forks, rear shocks, damping rods, cartridge, bladder, and other applications, which require fork oil/suspension fluid with SAE 10 Weight. 

Lube-V Synthetic Blend Suspension Fluid Shock Damping Absorb Oil Fork Damper 10W

SKU: H6032