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Air Tool Oil


  • Lube-V Premium Air Tool Oil is specially formulated with proprietary additives for use in all air tools as well as in-line air lubricators. 

  • Lubrication: Reduce friction and improve energy efficiency for smooth and long-lasting operations of your tool.

  • Deposit Removal: Breaks down built-up deposits, gum, and sludge that might cause wear and reduce tool speed and power.

  • Protection: Protect your tool against corrosion from rust and dirt. Excellent water displacement performance also prevents against corrosion from moisture and water during high humidity times of year.

  • Excellent water displacing capability. Pass military standard test FTM 3007 Water Displacement/Water Stability Test.

  • Deep penetration into hard-to-reach area, breaking down built-up deposits.

Performance Data

  • Outstanding performance equivalent to or even better than Marvel Air Tool Oil.

  • Safer and more environmental friendly: Compared with Marvel oil, Lube-V Premium Air Tool Oil is NOT considered to be flammable anddoes NOT contain any chlorinated chemicals that may cause cancer.
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