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Gear and Bearing Oil


  • Lube-V G3000 series full synthetic non-EP gear and bearing oils, ranging from ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 1000, specially designed to have equivalent performance to Mobil SHC 600 series

  • Lube-V G4000 series full synthetic heavy-duty EP gear oils, ranging from ISO VG 68 to ISO VG 680, particular suited to heavy duty gear and bearing applications for extreme service conditions such as high loading, shock loads, and high resistance to micropitting and scuffing

  • Full synthetic impregnating bearing oil for metal bearings, parts, and wicks

  • Full synthetic worm gear oils specially designed for lubricating and protecting worm gears

  • Skate bearing oil, a special bearing oil designed for skateboard, longboard, and roller skating bearings, including ceramic bearings, with equivalent performance to Bone Speed cream bearing oil.

Performance Data for Bestselling Product v.s. Market Brand

  • Lube-V G4320 Fully Synthetic Industrial Heavy Duty EP Gear Oil is specially formulated with proprietary additives for use in industrial heavy-duty gears, including all kinds of spur, helical, herringtone, rack and pinion, straight and spiral bevel gears, which require ISO Viscosity Grade 320 gear oils.

  • It has outstanding performance much better than well-known market brand such as ExxonMobil Mobilgear, Shell Omala S2, Sinopec L-CKD gear oils.

ISO-460 Gear Heavy-Duty table.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is difference between Lube-V Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil and other synthetic industrial gear oils?

Not all synthetic oils are equal. This is especially true in USA. Over 10 years ago, ExxonMobil lost a lawsuit against BP Castrol, which allowed BP and so other companies to claim highly refined petroleum oil (Group III oil) as “synthetic oil”. (Simply google “Mobil 1 Castrol synthetic lawsuit” for more details.) However, all the oil professionals like our Lube-V experts know and can prove that the performance of highly refined Group III petroleum oils cannot compete with true synthetic oils. 

Lube-V Fully Synthetic Industrial Gear Oils are TRUE synthetics and do NOT contain any Group III petroleum oils. Therefore, combined with our special proprietary additives, the performance of our Lube-V Fully Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil is excellent, including long oil service life, enhanced energy efficiency, wide range of operating temperature, etc.


2. Is industrial gear oils and automotive gear oils interchangeable with each other?

We do not recommend using automotive gear oils for any industrial gear applications and vice versa. Industrial gear oils and automotive gear oils are designed to perform function in different environments. Unlike automotive gear oils, industrial gear oils are exposed to the rigors of industry, such as high-loading, high-temperature environments with frequent exposure to contaminants, such as dirt and water.

Lube-V Fully Synthetic Industrial Gear Oils are specially designed for industrial gear and bearing applications. For example, compared with automotive gear oils, Lube-V gear oils have excellent resistance to dirts and great water separability performance to prevent water corrosion of gears.  


3. What is the difference between EP gear oils and regular gear oils?

EP stands for “extreme-pressure”, or in other words, high loading. High loading will cause significant stresses applied on the gear teeth, which may lead to micropitting. In addition, when there is a relative motion between two gears meshing with each other, high loading will lead to a very high localized temperature up to 600 – 800 degree F, which will also damage the gears over time.

Lube-V Fully Synthetic Industrial Heavy-Duty EP Gear Oil is specially designed for the above conditions. Lube-V unique proprietary additive systems will be automatically activated at high loading conditions and form a protective film on the meshed gear teeth to prevent micropitting and temperature-related damages.  

For gears with regular loading, note that not all EP gear oils are suitable for regular loading applications, because main additives in EP gear oils usually need to be activated to perform the function at high loading. Unlike most EP gear oils, Lube-V Synthetic Industrial Heavy-Duty EP Gear Oil integrates proprietary additive system that could perform the function at both regular loading and high loading. This statement can be fortified by its great wear preventative characteristics, which is much better than other EP gear oils like Sinopec EP gear oils. Therefore, Lube-V Synthetic Industrial Heavy-Duty EP Gear Oil is also capable for regular loading application. 

On the other hand, for gears that are always for regular loading applications, it is our best recommendation to use Lube-V G3000 series Synthetic Industrial Non-EP Gear Oil.

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