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About Us

Lube-V Specialty Lubricants, Oils, and Fluids specializes in high-performance lubricating oils and fluids with strong technical know-how knowledge. Lube-V offers a wide range of products and service, including:

  • “Compare to” product lines with same performance and product quality to well-known market brands, but with a more competitive price

  • Oils and fluids with equivalent performance to products that have been discontinued by other big oil companies

  • Customized solutions specially designed for your applications and equipment

  • Private branding for your business

Unlike other suppliers who majorly focus on large business/industrial users with large purchase volume, Lube-V provides customized lubricating oil and fluid solutions to every customer for their daily applications, ranging from oils use for small workshops and home maintenance (compressor oils, air tool oils, pellet stove oils, etc.) to outdoor activities (bicycle brake fluids, gun oils, etc.).

Lube-V also provides customized packaging solutions. Whenever you want a solution to fit your specific application or specific packaging size requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to design the most suitable lubricants/fluids or packaging specially for your applications.

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