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Compressor Oil


  • Full synthetic compressor oils ranging from ISO VG 32 (SAE 10 Weight) to ISO VG 150 (SAE 40 Weight) for different types of compressors

  • Food grade, full synthetic compressor oils for applications that may contact food

  • Biodegradable compressor oils for environmentally sensitive applications

  • Breathing air compressor oils specially designed for compressors used in diving, firefighting, and other applications

Performance Data for Bestselling Product v.s. Market Brand

  • Lube-V C1100 Synthetic Compressor Oil is 100% synthetic non-detergent air compressor oil with viscosity grade ISO VG 100 (SAE 30, or 30 weight) designed for all piston-type air compressors and pumps.

  • Lube-V C1100 has outstanding performance equivalent to or even better than Royal Purple Synfilm Recip. 100 fully synthetic compressor oil

Royal Purple Comparison.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference between Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oils and synthetic motor oil?  

Motor oils, whether or not it is synthetic or not, contain oil-soluble detergent. We do not recommend using motor oils for your compressor. Detergent will trap water condensate in the oil. This is not a big issue for your motor engine, because normal operating temperature of motor engine is high enough for water condensate in the oil to evaporate. However, the operating temperature of compressors is much lower, making water trapped in the oil difficult to evaporate quickly and completely, which will cause corrosion of metal parts in your compressor over time. 


All Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oils are non-detergent oils, which will not have any water-trapping issue and can quickly separate water (see the following picture). Meanwhile, the special chemistry of Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oil is able to provide extra cleanliness and reduce the carbon deposits and lacquering left in the compressor. 

Motor Oil Comparison_Emulsion.jpg

2. What is difference between Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oil and other synthetic compressor oils?


Not all synthetic oils are equal. This is especially true in USA. Over 10 years ago, ExxonMobil lost a lawsuit against BP Castrol, which allowed BP and so other companies to claim highly refined petroleum oil (Group III oil) as “synthetic oil”. (Simply google “Mobil 1 Castrol synthetic lawsuit” for more details.) However, all the oil professionals like our Lube-V experts know and can prove that the performance of highly refined Group III petroleum oils cannot compete with true synthetic oils. 

Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oils are TRUE synthetics and do NOT contain any Group III petroleum oils. Therefore, combined with our special proprietary additives, the performance of our Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oil is excellent, including long oil service life, enhanced energy efficiency, wide range of operating temperature, etc.


3. Can Lube-V C1100 Synthetic Compressor Oils be used in all piston-type compressors? 

Lube-V C1100 Synthetic Compressor Oil is specially designed for all piston-type compressors except refrigeration compressors. 

Refrigeration compressor oil needs some different properties due to its possibility of mixing with refrigerant. Lube-V does provide some high-end environmentally friendly refrigeration oils, please contact us for more information if interested.

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