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"Compare to" Product Design

In this fast-pacing world, it is quite common that some market brand oil and fluid products 1) get discontinued; 2) the packaging size or minimum order quantity (MOQ) is too big for some special applications.

Lube-V “Compare to” Product Design service will help you overcome the aforementioned challenges. With strong technical know-how knowledge, Lube-V is able to help you find and/or design “Compare to” products with equivalent performance and product quality to

1) well-known market brands with affordable prices;

2) products that have been discontinued by other oil companies.

Furthermore, Lube-V “Compare to” Product Design service offers customized packaging size with no MOQ.

With Lube-V “Compare to” Product Design service, you can:

  • find a product that is very similar (both in chemistry and performance) to the oil product you were using, so eventually save time and cost, and eliminate the risk of qualifying a completely new product with very different chemistry;

  • save warehouse storage cost and reduce the risk of product expired due to long-time storage.

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