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CLP Gun Oil


  • Lube-V CLP Gun Oil is “All in One” cleaner, lubricant, and protectant for firearms in all climate conditions.

  • Cleaning: effectively remove built-up dirt, corrosion particles, and firing residues.

  • Lubrication: reduce friction between moving parts an minimize wear and the built-up of wear related debris.

  • Preservation: form a thin-film layer immediately on the surface to provide resistance to corrosion from rust, dirt, and water.

  • Deep penetration into hard-to-reach areas. Lube-V CLP Gun Oil will penetrate into these areas, break up, and clean old dried-up oils, carbons, dirt, and debris.

  • Simple to use. Simply apply to all moving parts that require lubrication and/or corrosion protection. Apply to inside of barrels, bores, chambers, ejectors, and firing pins for cleaning.

  • It has outstanding performance equivalent to well-known market brands, including Break-free, G96, Royco 634E, Slip 2000, etc.

Performance Data

Gun Oil.JPG
  • Exceeds military specification standard (based on internal laboratory test data).

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