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Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil


  • Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil is specially formulated with proprietary additives for use in reciprocating/piston-type air compressors during winter/cold weather to provide easy start-up and sufficient lubrication and protection.

  • Compared with other piston-type compressor oils, Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Compressor Oil is specially designed to provide relatively low viscosity at room temperature for easy start-up, while still maintain similar viscosity at high temperatures to provide sufficient lubrication and protection during compressor operation. (Please refer to “FAQ” section for more details.)

Performance Data

  • Much easier start-up and sufficient lubrication and protection during winter season.

Winter Compressor Oil Chart.JPG

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the advantages of Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil used during winter time, compared with other regular compressor oils? 

Lube-V C1868 is specially designed for your reciprocating/piston-type compressors when your compressors is surrounded by extreme cold ambient temperatures like during winter time.

At very low ambient temperature, regular compressor oils become very thick. In more technical terms, the viscosity of regular compressor oils will be very high due to low temperature. This makes regular compressor oils difficult to flow freely and be pumped to the right place of your compressor to perform the lubrication and protection function especially when just starting your compressor at low temperature. The lack of compressor oils in the right place of the compressor will cause metal-to-metal contact, wear, scuffing, etc., and will eventually damage your compressor.

Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil is designed to avoid the aforementioned situation for easy start-up. Compared with regular compressor oils, Lube-V C1868 Compressor Oil has lower viscosity at ambient temperature for easy start-up, while it can maintain similar viscosity at high temperatures to provide sufficient protection and lubrication during the full operation of compressors. Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil is strongly recommended if your compressor is surrounded by very cold ambient conditions before starting.


2. What is difference between Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oil and other synthetic compressor oils? 

Not all synthetic oils are equal. This is especially true in USA. Over 10 years ago, ExxonMobil lost a lawsuit against BP Castrol, which allowed BP and so other companies to claim highly refined petroleum oil (Group III oil) as “synthetic oil”. (Simply google “Mobil 1 Castrol synthetic lawsuit” for more details.) However, all the oil professionals like our Lube-V experts know and can prove that the performance of highly refined Group III petroleum oils cannot compete with true synthetic oils. 

Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oils are TRUE synthetics and do NOT contain any Group III petroleum oils. Therefore, combined with our special proprietary additives, the performance of our Lube-V Synthetic Compressor Oil is excellent, including long oil service life, enhanced energy efficiency, wide range of operating temperature, etc.


3. Can Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter/Cold Weather Compressor Oil be used in all climate conditions? 

Just think about the difference between winter tire and all season regular tire. The same thing holds true for our Lube-V C1868 Fully Synthetic Winter Compressor Oil and Lube-V C1100 Fully Synthetic all-season Compressor Oil.

Lube-V C1868 Winter Compressor Oil is probably OK to use occasionally in warmer weather, but frequent use of C1868 in warm weather is likely to reduce the life of your compressor. It is highly recommended by our technical experts to use our Lube-V C1100 synthetic compressor oils for all season application.

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