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Skate Bearing Lubricant


  • Lube-V SB2015 Fully Synthetic Skate Bearing Lubricant is specially formulated with proprietary additives for use in skateboard, longboard, and roller skate and other serviceable bearings. It makes bearings run faster and long-lasting.

  • Make sure to clean your bearings with proper solvent (citrus-based solvent, acetone, pure alcohol, etc.) before applying Lube-V Skate Bearing Lubricant. Refer to our “FAQ” section for more details.

  • It has outstanding performance equivalent to or even better than well-known market brand such as Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant.

Performance Data

  •  Outstanding performance equivalent to or even better than Bone Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is difference between Lube-V Synthetic Bearing Lubricant and other synthetic bearing lubricant? 

Not all synthetic lubricants/oils are equal. This is especially true in USA. Over 10 years ago, ExxonMobil lost a lawsuit against BP Castrol, which allowed BP and so other companies to claim highly refined petroleum oil (Group III oil) as “synthetic oil”. (Simply google “Mobil 1 Castrol synthetic lawsuit” for more details.) Similarly, in bearing lubricant industry, a typical example is Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant, which contains ~15% petroleum distillates, but still claims “synthetic lubricant”. These petroleum distillates for sure can greatly reduce the manufacturer’s cost, but meanwhileall the lubricant professionals know and can prove that the performance of petroleum distillates cannot compete with true synthetic oils. 

Lube-V Fully Synthetic Bearing Lubricant are TRUE synthetics and does NOT contain any petroleum distillates. Therefore, combined with our special proprietary additives, the performance of our Lube-V Fully Synthetic Bearing Lubricant is excellent, including long oil service life, much safer operation, wide range of operating temperature, etc. Simply refer to our “Advantages and Technical Specifications” section to see the advantages of Lube-V Bearing Lubricant over Bones Speed Cream.


2. How to correctly apply Lube-V SB2015 Fully Synthetic Skate Bearing Lubricant to bearings? 

Skateboard bearings are delicate. A few dirts, some fibers and hairs will make your bearing roll much slower and reduce the life of bearings. AlthoughLube-V Synthetic Skate Bearing Lubricant is specially designed to have some self-cleanliness to some degree, still one most important thing of using Lube-V Synthetic Skate Bearing Lubricant is to clean your bearings before applying the lubricant. By using Lube-V Bearing Lubricant, you can follow the exactly same lubrication procedures with applying Bones Speed Cream bearing lubricant.

Here are detailed use directions:

1) Clean your bearings. For best protection of your bearings, do not apply Lube-V Synthetic Bearing Lubricant or any lubricant before cleaning your bearings with proper solvents (citrus-based solvent, acetone, pure alcohol, etc.) to remove dirts and any lubricant remaining on your bearings.

2) Dry your bearings. Use dry air to blow any cleaning solution out of your bearings. Alternatively, you can wipe away cleaning solution with a lint-free towel and make sure there is no fiber or hair getting stuck in the bearings.

3) Make sure your bearings can move freely or smoothly. Try to spin the bearing by flicking the outer race of the bearing. If it jerks instead of spinning freely and smoothly, repeat the above two steps to re-clean your bearings. If it still jerks, replace this damaged bearing with a new one.

4) Lubricate your bearings with Lube-V Synthetic Skate Bearing Lubricant. Add one or two drops of the lubricant inside each bearing and spin the bearing to make the lubricant spread out. It is normal if you feel the bearing spins a little slowly compared with before lubrication, since the lubricant is in progress of spreading out and forming a protective film throughout the inside bearing. For best and long-term protection against corrosion, also coat outside bearing with a few drops of the lubricant.


3. Can Lube-V Synthetic Bearing Lubricant be used in all climate conditions? 

Yes. With its low pour point, high flash point, and high viscosity index, Lube-V Synthetic Bearing Lubricant is not only suitable for use in all climate conditions, but also can be used for large temperature fluctuations during the day. 

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